We regularly attend events, give talks and so on. Here you can find a selection of upcoming and past events we've attended


Peer reviewed audio paper

We are publishing a peer-reviewed audio paper in Seismograf about the [multi’vocal] project and the process of creating a synthetic voice with deep learning algorithms.


PhD Dissertation featuring [multi’vocal]

Stina published her PhD Dissertation "Vocal Bodies: Performing Paralinguistic Stereotypes and Multivocalities in Art and Digital Media". Abstract can be found here.

[multi’vocal] in Radio Program "Blinde Vinkler"

We were featured in the radio program and podcast "Blinde Vinkler" by The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.


Techfestival Presentation

Stina and Frederik presented [multi’vocal] at the 'Conversations with Every "Thing"' event at this year's Techfestival in Copenhagen.

Talk at the Catch Summer Camp 2019

Frederik and Nina gava an inspirational talk at the Catch Summer Camp 2019 in Helsingør which focused on 'artistic and curatorial practices in the age of Technogenesis'.

Master's Thesis on [multi’vocal]

Frederik completed his Master's Thesis, "Multivocal - Creating synthetic voices with non-singular identities". The article is available upon request.

Radio session at Norbergfestival

[multi’vocal] produced a 20 min session for the Norbergfestival radio, which was live on both internet and FM radio between July 25-27. The session presented and examplified the evolution of the creation of our synthetic voice.


Stina gave an inspirational talk at the design studio BLOCK ZERO in Malmö, Sweden.


[multi’vocal] in Danish Radio show Kulturen På P1

Frederik went on national Danish radio to talk about synthetic voices and digial assistants. Listen to the show below - Frederik starts talking about ~14min in.

[multi’vocal] as a part of Catch at Click Festival

As a part of the Catch exhibition at Click Festival in May 2018, we presented multi'vocal in a discussion about sound, representation, gender binaries and media arts.

Published academic article

We published an article for the 'Politics of the Machines - Art and After (EVA Copenhagen)' conference, entitled '[multi’vocal]: Reflections on Engaging Everyday People in the Development of a Collective Non-Binary Synthesized Voice'.
Download it here.

Presentation of [multi’vocal] at CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice)

We presented [multi’vocal] in a discussion about sound, representation, gender binaries at CRiSAP, London in the end of January 2018.


Presentation of [multi’vocal] at ZKM

We presented [multi’vocal] in a discussion about sound, representation, gender binaries and media arts ZKM in the end of September 2017.

Presentation of [multi’vocal] at Driving IT conference, IDA.

At IDA's Driving IT conference we presented [multi’vocal] and the politics of synthesized voices.

[multi’vocal] at IDA, The Danish Society of Engineers

[multi’vocal] recorded and listened to all ages, genders and people at IDA in November - December 2017.

[multi’vocal] at the IT University of Copenhagen

[multi’vocal] recorded and listened to all ages, genders and people at the IT University of Copenhagen September - October 2017.

Presentation of [multi’vocal] at CPH Maker 2017

We presented our first iteration of the [multi’vocal] voice and talk about the open source technology behind [multi’vocal] at CPH Maker in September 2017.

[multi’vocal] at Techfestival 2017

[multi’vocal] recorded and listened to all ages, genders and people at Techfestival (5-10 September 2017). We also gave a talk on the [multi’vocal] collective and participate in a meetup.

Presentation of research at Audio Mostly 2017

We presented the first of a series of listening tests at Audio Mostly: Augmented and Participatory Sound/Music Experiences (23-26 August 2017). This paper did not include the [multi’vocal] voice, instead we asked listeners to annotate and rate the synthesized voices from the IBM Watson Catalogue in order to map the listening experiences of existing synthesized voices. This research project was made in collaboration with researchers from Complex & Intelligent Systems, Passau University.

[multi’vocal] at Roskilde Festival 2017

[multi’vocal] recorded and listened to all ages, genders and people from around the world at Roskilde Festival. A diversity of voices were collected as part of the project The Voice of Roskilde at Roskilde Festival 2017. We gave an informal talk about the project on Thursday June 29th at 1pm. Organisers: UNDERBROEN

[multi’vocal] at ACSIS 2017

[multi’vocal] was be presented in the session Suspensions – Mobilizing Art and Aesthetics in Cultural Research at the ACSIS conference in June 2017 This session grappled with the ways that art can be related to research practice within the diverse fields of cultural studies. It examined the role of subjectivity as well as various methodological entanglements of theory and empirical material. What happens when artistic practices are combined with the research practices of Cultural Sciences/Cultural Studies institutions? What happens when the practices of disciplines like visual culture, ethnology and cultural analysis are enmeshed with artistic practice? The session came from a workshop including cultural researchers and practicing artists held at The Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences at Lund University in October 2016. Organisers: Max Liljefors and Robert Willim, Lund University.